Seasonality Charts


Not sure when to harvest your Horseradish or buy your Borlottis? Behold the Well Seasoned seasonality charts! There is so much information out there about British produce that it can get a little overwhelming. So, we thought it would be helpful to collate it all in one place. We've created six different charts with every bit of seasonal info you could ask for.


Now, the WS team are pretty good, but we can't control nature so you can bet your Cobnuts that Swiss Chard will have a slightly longer or shorter growing period than the tables suggest, depending on lots of factors. The British seasons are excitingly unpredictable. Think of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as the worst of all party guests – you know they are coming but they’ll probably turn up early, leave late or be on great form for five minutes then completely lose the plot; which is why you can never be quite sure when anything that we grow in Britain will be bang in season. So don't feel you have to stick slavishly to the charts; if something looks and feels good around the right time, give it a go!


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