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By The Twig - Well Seasoned, Aug 25 2017 08:29AM

Earlier this week we submitted the second half of our text for the book to the publishers. Exciting stuff and at the same time we received the first half back from the proof-readers. It felt a bit like getting your home work marked - I'm not sure if i've been given a B or a C . (In fact, I'm not sure those even exist under the new system.)

As we get closer to launch and availability of pre-orders for Well Seasoned, we've been re-designing the website and have taken the decision to re-launch with one that is entirely designed around the book. When we launch, you'll see lots of changes and a fresh, clean design with lots of new material. Rest assured, our seasonality charts will still be there along with all of the blog from 2017 onwards. The older blog material will be archived and parked elsewhere (so the search engines can still find it) with a link to the new site.

What do you need to do? Absolutely nothing except sit back and enjoy the ride with us. We'll let you know before the new site launches and a simple refresh of your browser is all you might need once it's gone live.

It's been a really busy few weeks for us with writing, recipe testing and photography as well as working with the publishers on things like the proof reading, design and layout. As I write this, Russ is slaving over a hot grouse in the kitchen and Matt Inwood, our designer, is trying his best to interpret our wooly and incomplete thoughts into a stunning cover.

More to come very soon.

PS. The damsons have arrived a few weeks early (we'd normally expect them mid-September). If you want to make a batch of damson gin or jam, it's time to get picking!

By The Twig - Well Seasoned, Sep 7 2014 10:05PM

THE BLOG IS BACK! After several months of experimenting with different formats we've decided to relaunch the website AND reinstate our award winning blog. We hope you like it. Don't forget, as well as the blog, we update Twitter and Facebook regularly with the latest seasonal news, views and events. So, basically there's no way of avoiding us :) More soon!

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