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By The Twig - Well Seasoned, Oct 31 2017 12:44PM

Earlier in the month, I hinted at a fantactic recipe Russ has been working on for the game season. This month's edition of Just About Dorset has just been published so we can reveal the recipe - a truly mouthwatering Buttermilk Partridge Burger.

Check out pages 24 to 25 of this month's Just About Dorset.

With feathered game prices at an all time low, it's definitely time to get stuck in. Enjoy!

By The Twig - Well Seasoned, Nov 4 2014 09:45PM

The shooting season is in full swing at the moment. Game shooting is, of course, an emotive and divisive subject - and one we'll go into in detail another time - but one thing is for sure and that is that the season brings loads of great value, tasty and free range meat to our tables.

The two main game birds in the UK are partridge and pheasant. The partridge season started at the beginning of September with the pheasants starting in October. The earliest birds can be a little underweight so it's best to wait for a while until they have filled out a bit, after a few more weeks feeding and flying in the field. From a cost perspective it's also worth waiting - prices drop when a large number of birds are being suplied by shoots around the country and you'll be able to pick up a brace of great quality, plump birds for just a few pounds (even less if you're prepared to do the plucking and gutting yourself!). That puts November smack in the middle of great value and taste.

If you're new to game, don't feel you have to jump straight in with a whole roasted bird on your plate. It can be a bit intimidating and, quite frankly, a poorly roasted pheasant is enough to put anyone off for life. So, ease yourself in. One ouf our favourite dishes for newcomers (and indeed old hands) is a pheasant curry. Pheasant meat takes punchy spices very well and the long, slow cooking keeps it moist - as a lean meat it's quite easy to dry out.

Here's our two favourite curry recipes to try when you next fancy getting your game face on:

Pheasant Makhani

Red Pheasant Curry

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