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PS. - PSB is Back

By The Twig - Well Seasoned, Feb 3 2017 09:00AM

A quick glance at our seasonality charts reveals that, whilst there are plenty of options for fish and meat on the menu in February, healthy green vegetables are rather thin on the ground.

This month, roots such as carrots, parsnips and swede are all still fairly plentiful but the cold weather means above-ground, leafy produce is hard to come by.

Thankfully a thin, purple superhero comes to our rescue this month. He's become so popular in recent years that he goes simply by an acronym - PSB. The Vegetable Formerly Known As Purple Sprouting Broccoli arrives just in time to sustain us through to spring.

Every part of this slender, leafy plant is edible so don't be put off if your PSB looks a bit stalky compared to "proper" broccoli. The first crops usually arrive in late January or February and the season will come to an end around May.

Good PSB is a real treat but it's easy to be put off by poor quality produce - woody stems and wilting, flavourless leaves are, unfortunately, all too easy to find. Choose yours carefully; it should look fresh and healthy. If the florets are yellowing or look dry then it's not fresh enough. The stems should snap cleanly in the same way as asparagus. Cooking is straightforward and much the same as for the normal broccoli.

Rather than be tempted by "early season" (almost certainly imported) asparagus in February, why not try a few stems of the freshest PSB with hollandaise sauce as an accompaniment? It'll add a perfect touch of seasonal glamour and goodness to your late-winter dinner table.

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