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Fishy fines

By The Twig - Well Seasoned, Feb 26 2015 12:34PM

Most commonly-foraged species of shellfish and crustacea have a minimum legal catch size. It’s dead easy to work out what the legal limit is – you just have to check the EU statute then the supporting UK legislation and then the local fisheries regulations! Unfortunately for the amateur forager, this patchwork of regulation and regional variations has led to very a confusing mish-mash of laws. Add to this the fact that it's not always obvious which measurement you should be taking and you've got a recipe for a fine from the local fisheries officer.

If you're planning a beach foraging trip this Spring (which, let's face it, you definitely should be) and would prefer to avoid getting your collar felt by the local fish police, you might want to take a copy of this handy size guide with you. We've looked at all of the regulations and rounded up to the highest number so you won't go wrong.

Happy foraging!

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