Our story

Well Seasoned is all about British seasonal produce and our adventures in finding, cooking and eating it. We believe food tastes best when it's grown in the right place at the right time and, as it happens, living and eating seasonally is one of the best things you can do for the planet.


The Well Seasoned team met in 2009 and realised we shared a love of British seasonal food and the great outdoors. We started blogging about our food adventures, seasonal eating and sustainable living.


In 2012 we developed and launched a brand new food product - British seasonal pesto. Our pesto used the finest regional ingredients to put a seasonal twist on the classic Italian recipe. We won lots of awards and worked with some brilliant suppliers and retailers (including Harrods, Selfridges, Booths and Partridges).


Regrettably in 2014 we decided that the business wasn't financially sustainable without risking a lot of (other people's) money and it wasn't something we were prepared to do. So, with heavy hearts we shelved "Project Beetroot" and went back to what we do best - writing about seasonal food and living.  

"Game-changing pesto" Emerald Street magazine

"The BMW of pesto" Great Taste Awards

Just a few of our awards

We continue to devote all of our free time to travelling the British Isles, visiting local producers and seeking out the very best seasonal food, fun and events.


We've dived for scallops, fished for mackerel, and hunted for mushrooms. We've celebrated long-forgotten festivals by which our ancestors marked the passing of the seasons. And we've discovered a host of year-round outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Our goal is to convince anyone who'll listen that seasonal living is not about how people did things in the past, it's what we should all be doing now and in the future.